If I were but the master of time,
Or life second chances offered,
It would have brought you back to me
For I regularly walk down that avenue
With hope that I will behold your face
Yet nothing does my eye register.

Out of no where you came
And to where I know not vanished.
I can not even make a picture of
Any more and yet crave for you
Beyond my understanding,
Sleepless nights besiege me
And I am engulfed in thoughts
Of you-longing to have yet
One more glance at you.


Unwritten Thoughts


As I sit here and think,
My mind goes blank because my brain starts to shrink.
The pencil I write with doesn’t make a mark,
I try to make a sentence but my body doesn’t have the spark,
My life went dull,
My world is about to fall,
The paper is blank but my mind is full,
And as I try to think it hurts my skull,
Try As I will,
But this world will remain still,
Although we remain blind,
This victim will walk away with out a fight,
So here as the day turns to night,
Close your eyes because your eyes will see a new sight.

A Poem for Poets

Spoken word poets and poets of then and now.

The aroma of concealed thoughts
A burst of imagery—a kaleidoscope of emotions
Boom! A thinking par excellence!
Giving birth to a masterpiece.

The explosion of your emotions
Runs through the core of our being,
Envelops my neutrality
Jolts me in my existence, giving life
To a deserted mind
Freeing my soul from the bondage of my own thoughts
As your words
Take me far, you oh great wanderer!
Descendants of Shakespeare,
Cast your spell with your pens
Neither a wizard nor a witch,
I am mesmerized. I—
Fall into a trance.
Lured by your world.
My calmness, disturbed.
By your passion,
Vivid, sharp!
Concise, scenic, precise.
A single stab in my heart
An effect for eternity!
I’m awed
To you poets of the then and now!


Just made my WordPress account.

I’ll try to be well-composed here. This is where I will post my literary pieces. Check my “About” page to know me more and “Disclaimer” page to know how to contact me.

May God bless you a hundredfold!